23 June 2009

Almost here...

(...which is more than I can say for this blog!)

Well, tomorrow–Thursday June 25, 2009–is the Big Day... The day I get my Mini-E!!!!

  • Who am I?
  • What's so special about this Mini-E?
  • Why am I doing this?
  • How did I become (or "soon become," really) one of these few "Mini-E pioneers?" (Only 500 Mini-E's leased... worldwide?!?!?)
  • Why should you, dear reader, care?

I can't answer that last question... But I s'pose I shoulda addressed the other points back when I registered and created my blog (which was weeks ago) rather than procrastinate 'til now... Two days before I'm suppose to go visit my local Mini dealer and pick up my very own Mini-E! (Number unknown.)

And yeah, there are plenty of other pioneering Mini-E bloggers (Google Blog search for "'Mini-E' pioneers") who are already sharing their experiences with the vast 'Net. (Yea, yea, yea... They're obviously much more psyched, vocal, Web-savvy and organized than yours truly... So? Sue me!)

But in my defense, I do have a "day job," ya know... And believe it or not, it's with an organization that does a lot of testing of consumer products–including cars! And like all of the other "Web editors" in my organization, I'm busy blogging about what we do!! (More on that later... Maybe!)

So, a bit of warning... This blog will be very much a "work-in-progress" kinda thing, which means there's no telling what kind of posts you'll find here—or when!

I'll try to do a weekly post, even if it's just to say:
"Wkly Log: +600 mi. Odo tot.= 3K. All's well. NOTE: Mini-E 2 quiet! Con: Turkey pop. -1 bird. Pro: Free meat 4 me! (Mmmm... Turkey!) Is "Pro" & "Con" reversed? Rolling on..."
Or something like that... Maybe without the (20-something year old's) Net short-hand. (But no guarantees!)

After all, I have no idea what I will be experiencing over the next year or so with this high-tech, unproven electric car, which is just a little bit less exclusive (but not by much!) than say, the $100,000 Tesla roadster! (And did I mention that I have a day job–and a life outside of work... and the Net?)

So, think of it this way: If you follow my humble little blog with its eclectic posts, it'll be like you're sharing my "adventure" into the unknown...

Anyway, as they say on the Mini site...

Let's motor!

P.S. - A shout out to my friendly colleague (and Mini owner) who started me down this path. (More on that later... Maybe.) Anyway... Thx, "Magnum!" You ROCK!!!

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