06 August 2009

All charged up!!!

It's not just the Mini-E that's all juiced... But I am jazzed too!!!!!

I just got off the phone with a journalist for a French newspaper called, Le Parisien. He read my humble little blog and interviewed me for an article he's working on regarding Obama's massive $2.4 billion government grant for automotive battery development!!!

Check out the New York Times story:

$2 Billion in Grants to Bolster U.S. Manufacturing of Parts for Electric Cars

Anyway, I'm really PSYCHED!!

I didn't vote for Obama. But I like this move to push for battery development -- even though "the other guy" proposed the same thing during last year's campaign, too!
In general, I'm not a fan of most of the Prez's politics and thinking/direction... But I'm psyched that I'll be in a major newspaper (even if it is a foreign paper in a language I don't understand!), helping to push the Mini-E project. (That's my job as a "pioneer," yah?)

Moreover, anything that promotes/advances electric cars and revitalizes the U.S. auto industry (which, according to the NY Times article, has a big opportunity in this still-very-level playing field!) and lessen our dependency on fossil fuels from countries that hate and want to kill us....

my friends, is a Good Thing™.

Now, excuse me while I run out to the company parking lot with a few of my friends/co-workers to take pictures of me and #339 to go with this fellow's article for Le Parisien!

Stay tuned!!! ;-)


  1. The other guy offered a measley 300 million dollar "prize" compared to Obama's 2.5 billion investment and if you think Mcain had any intention of seriously pursuing an alternative vehicle program and threating big oils dominance youre mistaken.Mccain would have done as much for electric cars and battery tecnology as Bush did in his 8 years which is to say he would stalled and delayed any programs. As an ev enthusiast I'm suprised you took a gamble on Mcain knowing his track record and affiliations. Without an Obama win electric cars would have withered on the vine for another 4 years instead of the Ev revolution we are now seeing encourged in great part by this administrations investments and loan programs.

  2. You need to restrict your blog to conservatives... :-P

    I don't know what McCain would have done but I'm impressed with Obama's smarts. He knows what's good for this country.