08 July 2009


In my last post, I lamented over the fact that I had the wall charger installed at home, but no cable to connect it to my Mini-E #339...

And then I come home... Only to see this HUGE, orange-colored cable coiled underneath the wall charger at the side of my house!!!!

It's here!! It's HERE!! Pat, my electrician, came and installed it!!!

I quickly parked 339, shut her down and ripped out the key, unlocked the doors (which also unlocked the "recharging port"), got out, flipped open the port as hurried to the charger, unwrap the cable.. ("Man, this thing is THICKER that the 110-charger cable... Talk about Frankenstein-ish!") and then a piece of paper flutters down...

Ut oh...

"Remember to reset the car... 32 Amps"

Oh, right!! Thank you, PAT!!!

Coil the cable back... fish the key fob outta my pocket, get back in 339, stick the key in, push start... scroll through the options... press to set the charging current from 12 to 32 Amps... (HO BOY!!!)

Shut down 339, push then pull the key out, get out, close the door, reach for the cable, plug it in, and....


The fans kick in, the little charging light just above the steering column starts to blink while the "charging" light on the wall box turns on a SOLID green.

WHHHOOOO Wee!!! WE are in business!!! My little 339 is sucking down juice like she's meant to -- through a nice BIG straw with twice the voltage capacity and nearly thrice the umph!!

Good thing, too. Although I started the day with about 80% battery capacity, by the end of the day, I drained it to about 10% of charge after about 60-miles of driving.

But now that she's plugged in to a 220-volt line, as proper...

Who-weee!!!! I can't wait to drive her tomorrow, exactly two-weeks after first picking up Mini-E #339 from BMW/Mini of Manhattan. She'll have a full charge and I won't have to worry or have that range anxiety anymore!!

WOW. I can hardly sleep!

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