09 July 2009

Wheeeeeeee-k two!!

It's hard to believe that today marks the 2-week milestone of my adventure. Technically, only 50 or so weeks of my time with Mini-E #339 remains.

But... It still feels so "exciting and new!"

And there's nothing more thrilling than coming out to 339 this morning and hearing...


And that, my friends, is a good thing because not hearing any fan noise from 339 this morning means she's full of juice. (Or so I hope.)

A quick unplug (Have I mentioned how freakishly GIANORMOUS this 220-volt cable is?), then hop in 339, insert the key, push "start" and...


Hehehehe... And boy, did I use that 100% battery charge to good use today. Like the last time I had 100% charge, I really felt like I could drive my Mini-E without "worry" about having to "nurse" her so she would have enough strength to get back home.

Just ask the intern. I mean there was one stretch of our morning commute where I went from a steady cruise of about 65-mph to an "insane" 80- or 85-mph at a neck-snapping pace in order to past a "rolling road block." (Why is it that some drivers in the left-lane feel like they have to drive at the same freakin' speed as the guy in the middle lane for like MILES at a time?)

But during my "high-speed" sprint, I noticed a yellow icon of the electric motor pop up on the dash briefly -- 'round about the time the needle on 339's speedo went pure vertical ("80 mph") and over. From my many hours of reading the Mini-E's manual, I remember that little steady yellow icon was listed in the "Troubleshooting" section as "electric motor issues" and drivers can "continue journey at reduced power to electric motor."

Hmmm... Ok, so 339's fast.. and I only needed this "burst of power" to pass these drivers who feel like they're the only cars on the road... so absorbed in drinking their coffee or putting on their makeup or whatever that they can't see the line of cars piling up behind them... Whatever.

But in any case, I don't want to "strain" 339 too much, sooo... I backed it down to a gentle cruise out of concern for 339 -- and for the intern.

"I think this is a fun car for a driver, but for the passenger," said the Intern, "maybe not so much..."

Heh. Kid's too polite.

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