14 July 2009

A gathering of "pioneers"

Paul E Mini-E 339 Manhattan event Mini-E pioneers gathering
Yes, that's me and my Mini-E #339 and if you can see behind me (HA!), there's a whole slew of other pewter-colored Mini-Es!!! (Click to enlarge.) [ Photo: DK ]
So, I've been too busy at work lately to blog. (Some really tense moments at the office, thanks to potential "staffing issues" -- i.e. "layoffs.")

And for the moments I'm NOT thinking about work... Well, I'm just REALLY enjoying my time with my Mini-E #339!!!

There's something really special her... And she still delivers. The silence I get while driving 339 in the company lot -- and away from the madness of the office -- is REAL relaxation... Almost as if I've entered into a mobile Shangri-la or Nirvana. ("Auto-topia"???) Not to mention, the 339's ability for near-instantaneous speed... (Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!!!) How could 339 NOT bring a smile to my face and let the stress of the work day fade as quickly as the image of the office building in her rear-view mirror???

What's more, ever since the completion of my 220-Volt charger last Thursday, I've been enjoying this amazing little car on a much more regular basis. Being able to completely charge the car to 100% every night so it's completely ready for the next day's driving tasks is just comforting. There's a peace of mind -- and great joy -- in knowing that the next day, I'll have the ability to experience a commute with the quiet hum of a steady cruise or the "Vrreeeeee...!!!" of a high-speed "gotta get there" pace or (more likely) something in between the two all over again!

Tonight, a different thing spurred me to (finally?) blog, however.

A couple of nights ago, I got an e-mail invite to a "Mini-E event" -- a cocktail party in Manhattan (@ a place called Environment at 18th Street and Broadway) for pioneers. A "mixer" so we'd get to know each other -- as if we haven't already through our many blogs!

Paul E Mini-E 339 Manhattan event Mini-E pioneers gathering
Dirk (on the left) and I, hamming it up with my Mini-E 339 and her "stylized plug-in logo" on her hood. (Dirk's a big fan of cool stuff, and 339 is definitely cool!) (Click to enlarge.) [ Photo: DK ]
Now normally, I really hate cocktail parties, especially thrown by "corporate types" centered on a theme I might not necessarily cared for. And this one was almost no different. Lots of people, small bits of food, noisy, hot... And I don't do well in those situations.

Still, a coupla things made it "bearable."
  1. My sis, who came as a "guest."
  2. My co-worker, Dirk, who happened to be in the 'hood at the time. (And yes, thanks to sis, we managed to get him in to the party despite the "Private Event. Invite Only" sign on the front door and a very "serious, no-nonsense-looking, private security dude"-- an ex- or moonlighting cop, judging from his height, demeanor and swagger -- at the door.)
  3. And finally, the sight of seeing a whole line of Mini-Es parked on Broadway!!!
That last point was a pretty impressive sight. More so, when you think about the string (and moola!) BMW must've pulled to get NYPD to set aside an enter block just for Mini-E drivers!

And naturally, it was REALLY easy for BMW (and the event organizers) to "spot" us Mini-E drivers coming. I (and my sis) in 339 was just pulling up alongside the line of other Mini-Es and immediately one gal and a guy was out on the curb, moving the cone that "reserved" the space, while someone else was snapping away with a digital camera.

"Can I take this space?" I ask?

"Of course you can," said the woman, "You're obviously a Mini-E pioneer!"

("Wow, what gave it away?" I thought. But dang it if I still didn't first think, "Wow! Just like a 'rock-star' or other celeb!")

Anyway, I wish I could say I enjoyed the rest of the event. But like I said, mixers aren't my thing. And I have opinions about how the thing was arranged. (Let's just say, BMW/Mini really need to get better event organizers!)

And of course, being a totally dense geek I can be at times (such as tonight), I did NOT have a digital camera with me to snap a pic of the sight. But hopefully Stuart Greenburg -- the owner/operator/pioneer of Mini-E 277 AND the guy who was snapping the pics of me and Mini-E 339 pulling up to the event!! -- will post his pics on his blog (My Mini E) soon.

Dirk captured some of the line of Mini-E when he snapped the pic of me and 339 (above) using his iPhone. (Dirk is obviously a MUCH more "with it" guy than your truly. One of those pics made it up on his Facebook page within minutes of his snapping it, again, thanks to his iPhone. Thanks, Dirk, for "outting" me here and on Facebook! ;-))

Until next time...
- Paul


  1. You forgot to mention the cool gift we got at the party. The little MINI lapel pin was intended only for Pioneers but Dirk & I each got one too. Swag--a true sign of celebrity status! Ha!

  2. Ha! I've been "in the biz" too long to consider such a tiny "lapel" pin (a "mini-Mini" pin??) to be "swag."

    now if it had been.. Oh, I don't know, say a leather "Mini-E club" jacket or an ipod with the Mini-E logo or something... Not THAT'S "swag!"

    Speaking of "club" stuff... Check what out what SOME pioneer is doing for OTHER pioneers:


  3. Whoops... That URL in my lat comment didn't wrap.

    Try this tiny URL instead: