08 July 2009

Hail, 339! Hail! (No, really!)


As in, perilous icy precipitation!!!

Take a look at the embedded pictures. This is what I saw driving to work in Westchester this morning...

At first, I thought that white stuff on the ground was "foam" or something. I mean, it couldn't be snow, right? It's JULY... the start of summer... the DOG DAYS of summer!!!

Then I got closer to my building...

Wait... A front-loader in one of our parking lots?? We usually use those to plow and pile-up winter... SNOW...?? Like that big pile right over there...???


In JULY?!?!?!


Apparently the weather in Westchester was verrrrrrrrryyyyy freaky last night!!1 The co-workers who live nearby said it was extremely high wind, driving rain that flooded up to the car doors and hail.

Hail the size of mothballs and golfballs!!!

Pictures don't lie!


Thankfully, the Mini made it through the road mess with no problems.

And of course, it made it through last night's 110-volt charging fine, despite the hard -- but very brief -- rainstorm we had around midnight. Still, even after nearly 11 hours of constant juice, I started out today with only 80% battery capacity.

[Another sigh]

I really need that 220-volt charger cable! :-(

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